Awareness Campaign feedback

Feedback from churches visited by NK&Beyond Campaign Team

Many of you are aware that one of NK&Beyond’s important ministries is to engage and unite churches in the UK and abroad for the fulfilment of the Great Commission in our generation. From the very beginning, we never cease to minister and bring encouragement and challenges to all our church families around the UK and in many other nations. As more and more churches partner with us in the fulfilment of God’s vision for North Korea and beyond, we are seeing tremendous results as the Lord pours out His blessings to the churches who have allowed us to come and share God’s heart for the most unreached nations  with them. Here are a few from the many feedbacks we are receiving from some of the churches we’ve been.

“The Lord added eight new believers to our church since you came to us preaching on Passion for the Name of Christ last October.  My people have been fired up for the Gospel and the winning of souls!”

Pastor Tina Cooper, Hope Alive Pentecostal Church, Warrington, UK

“You are God’s answer to our prayers! We have been asking Him to send us someone who will bring us back Passion and Fire for Him. We were so blessed tonight”

Church member, Upper Gornal Pentecostal Church, Dudley

“I think many of the people tonight have been challenged and that they will never be the same after hearing your message on Passion for His Name… we’ve got to have this back!”

Ken Fellows, Upper Gornal Pentecostal Church, Dudley

“Every time your team comes, we are encouraged to witness for the Lord, your passion and love for the Lord rob on people. You challenged us to believe and expect for more! We are always blessed every time you come.”

Pastor Jim Pirie, Mission Action Church, Aberdeen, UK

“I was all ears! I did not want to miss any of what you have to say tonight, we were so challenged by the passion and fire you all carry with you! My youth have all been impacted by your last visit that they have chosen your ministry as their choice of mission to support for their fundraising night”

Gerard Gardner, Youth Pastor, Swan Bank Church, Stoke on Trent, UK

“We were truly impacted by the message. We live a great life of freedom and ease in this country while many perish and our brothers and sisters in countries like North Korea are severely persecuted. Your message led us all to repentance”

Pastor from Lucena City, Philippines

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