Prayer updates for North Korea

Please pray for revival in North Korea. We need spiritual awakening so that the people will receive and believe the Gospel.

  1. Please pray for us as we start teaching and training leaders and missionaries who will plant churches along the borders of North Korea and China.
  2. Please pray for our North Korean Refugees Assistance Programme in the UK that the Lord will use this as an open door where all North Koreans will find hope in Him and be healed and saved through the power of the love of Jesus Christ.
  3. Please continue beseeching God for the salvation of Kim Jong Il and the government officials in North Korea.
  4. Pray for the starving children, the many orphans and the men and women in North Korea who are now having no choice but to endure the famine spreading in the land. As both China and North Korea closed the borders and strictly guard the Yalu and Tumen river, please pray for miraculous means of escape and ways to find food for them to survive.

Invitation to be a part of our Prayer and Intercession Team

NK&Beyond team would like to invite anyone of you who are interested to be a part of their dynamic prayer and intercessory teams.  Join our prayer warriors around the UK and abroad. You can form a prayer group in your own church for North Korea and beyond. We will be willing to come and help you start your own prayer team or you can come and join our main Intercession Team. We meet weekly at our Mission Office in the centre of Eccles. Please contact us for more information. Email or phone us on 0161 707 2599.