To live for You

This is so unreal… the noise, the laughter… the seemingly alive yet lifeless figures all around me. Countless dying souls, they surround me every day, walking and living in a make-believe world. What a deception!

So profound in its effect that no one seems to notice. My soul cringe in deep sorrow for the lost…. sea of people heading towards eternal damnation. What will I live for? Will I exist and live the same as the rest of the people thinking that the life they live is the reality? Forbid it Lord, for I should live for you. Let my love for you cause me to stop and love the least of your brothers… the least of them all, the blind, the maimed, the most unloved.

Open my eyes to see what you see. Help me to live in your reality. The reality of eternity must overtake my whole being. I should live in the light of the glorious eternity with you. Yet, I must also put before me the reality of the plight of the perishing multitudes around me. If they have never known your love, if they have never heard of your name Jesus, what would become of them? What would become of me if I live for the here and now alone? Oh my Lord, teach me to love the souls for whom you died. Let me live this life for you… to think of eternity… to think of your burden for the lost. Put it in my heart and let me pray and weep for the souls all around.

What can one life do, Lord? I want to live for you. I want to obey you with all that I am. Please show me what you want me to do and I want to just obey. I give to you all that I am. Use me for the glory of your name. Help me to build your kingdom and not a name. Oh Lord, I want to know you. Deep down in my heart, I know that it is you that I desire in this life more than anything. How can I live for this temporal world?

God forbid if I live my life for this life. I will live for eternity. I will live for the One who loved me and gave Himself for me. I would live and die for Jesus Christ.  Let this life be spent for you alone.

I want to see your face, my Lord. You are my king. I give you my full allegiance. You are my life. You deserve all the adoration of my heart. I love you Lord Jesus.


Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
Exit 4 Subway Station, Coffee Bean, June  2010

North Korean refugees are the future leaders whom God is preparing now for North Korea.

Why should anyone hear the Gospel twice, when there remains someone who has not heard it once?

Oswald J. Smith

He who saves a life, saves the world entire.

The Talmud, a Hebrew Bible