My heart is so filled with passion !

My heart is so filled with this passion Oh God. It is burning inside of me. Every time I hear about the need of people around the world to be reached out for you. The mission field is so vast and it is already ripe for harvest. How I long to be right there in the field oh God and start to reap the harvest you promised. Oh that every people on earth will come and worship you Lord and lift up your name. My desire is so intense oh God. Here I am, send me for I am willing to go at any cost. For I know from my heart that no cost can equal the very thing it cost you to come for us. This is your heartbeat. The very reason of your coming is to win these lost souls for you. Your blood that was shed for us to be saved from our sins demonstrates the greatness of your love for us. Oh help me to go Lord. Help to realize and see from the very eyes of my understanding the urgency of this call. Mission will always be central in your heart oh God. It is our supreme goal. Our sole purpose in life after you saved us. Oh that we may be able to live out this calling. Let us answer to it oh my God. Keep me from sinning, help me to be holy oh God. I wanted to live for you. I wanted my life to touch others. To cause change, to make a difference in every place I go. This is my heart’s desire oh God. Let me always listen to your heartbeat. Let it not escape from my very heart. I love you Oh God, I wanted to serve you with my whole heart, with my whole life. I wanted to use the remaining of my days for your glory. Let all the people shout and give glory to your name oh God.