Engage is an active involvement of native missionaries from each culture and tribe to go to their own people and reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

North Korean manOne strategy

Church Planting – Engage team will teach, train and mobilize native missionaries among tribes and people groups to plant churches and encourage their own people to know and worship Jesus Christ in their own culture.

One focus

The Gospel & Person of Jesus Christ – Engage team believes that the answer to all human suffering is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that poverty is the result of the bondage of most pagan religions. Once people hear and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they will be set free from the bondage of evil and will be released to fulfil their God given destinies to live the abundant life Jesus promised to all those who believe.

One chance in this generation

To get Jesus back – We all do. We believe that every generation has only one chance to fulfil and finish the unfinished task of the Great Commission. It is up to us to get Jesus back in this generation!

Let us be the generation to get Jesus back! Each Christian has this awesome privilege and responsibility to see the return of Jesus Christ in the generation we are living in right now!

The latest news, information and prayer requests.

We want to see the light of the Gospel shining throughout North Korea and surrounding nations.

This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

Matthew 24:14 (NIV)